Delivery address control


Delivery address may be required or not, depending on the selected options. E.g. it is not needed if a user selected a download option instead of printing. Adding [-d] or [d] instructs your web-to-print software if the address is needed or not.

Default settings – address required

By default, your web-to-print pricing and options have no [d] or [-d] keys. The address information is required and the user must enter something legible to complete the order. Default settings are explained in Setting up prices and discounts article.

Default pricing example:

  • $[2] to download and print at home
  • $[10] for 10 copies
  • $[20] for 50 copies

Controlling address input

Adding [-d] anywhere in the pricing or options line instructs your web-to-print system to hide the address input boxes if the option is selected.

Pricing example:

  • $[2] to download and print at home [-d]
  • $[10] for 10 copies [d]
  • $[20] for 50 copies [d]

Selecting the first price line hides the address controls. Selecting any other price line makes the address controls visible.


  • [-d] – hide address, not required
  • [d] – show address, required
  • nothing – do not change the address visibility

If you set [-d] on any of prices or options where address is not required you also need to set [d] on all lines where it is required.

Do not put address indicators in lines that do not affect the delivery.


  • ==Coating
  • Front side lamination, add [10%]
  • Double-sided lamination, add [15%]
  • ==Shipping
  • Pick up from office – free [-d]
  • Shipping nationwide, $[10.95] [d]
  • Shipping overseas, $[15.95] [d]

Coating has no effect on delivery, but shipping does. There are no address indicators in coating lines and all shipping lines have either [-d] or [d].

Combining “hide” and “required” options

“Address required” or [d] indicator has precedence over “hide” or [-d] one. If a user selects a mix of options with [d] and [-d] the address is still required and the order won’t go through until one is entered.

Payment gateways

Payment gateways get address information from your web-to-print site only of the address is structured (see catalog details settings for options).  There is also a no_shipping flag that can be set to 1 if the order(s) are marked as [-d].

We recommend hiding delivery address altogether and collect address information through the payments gateway, if you use one.

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