Designer access


The web to print designer account allows designers to submit and manage their web to print templates and access some features of the web-to-print software.

Personal catalogs under

Designers can create, modify and delete personal catalogs and templates when logged in to web to print domain. These catalogs belong to the designer. There is no limit on the number of catalogs or number of templates in them. Some catalogs and template parameters are hidden in personal catalogs as they are either irrelevant or set to a default value for consistency.

Designers cannot manage users or orders.

Access to orders is limited to recent orders and only for the designer’s templates.

Printer catalogs under custom domains

A printer can add a designer to any catalog. Go to Designers page of the catalog and enter a designer’s email address.

Designers can add, modify or delete templates within the catalog only. They cannot see other catalogs or access other templates.

It may be a good idea to create a separate catalog for new web-to-print designers rather than giving access to an existing production catalog for quality control. You can copy the templates to the production catalog at any time.

Note. The fonts and images uploaded by the designer cannot be downloaded by the printer.

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