Email communications


ZetaPrints communicates with its users via email, but only in certain circumstances. We do not send any newsletters, promotions, etc. Email communications are used strictly for the purpose of using ZetaPrints system.

All emails are sent in plain text format for better compatibility.

Initial registration

A confirmation email is dispatched during registration.

The email is sent either from if the user accessed the system through http:/ or from the printer’s email if the user accessed the system though the printer’s sub-domain.

There are 3 different types of emails sent to a printer, designer or a printer’s customer.

The purpose of the registration email is to confirm the existence of the email address.

Additional registration

Assigning a registered user or designer to a business customer generates a notification email. No action is required by the recipient.

Order submission

Every time an order is submitted by a user, a group of emails is dispatched to the user, the printer, the approval person (if there is one). The emails contain order details and the preview images as attachments.

The emails differ slightly in content, e.g. the printer’s email contains file download locations.

Status change

An order update email is dispatched to the same recipients as for new order submission if the order status changes from “to approve” to “to print” or from any status to “cancelled”. Other status changes do not trigger email notifications.

Test orders

Test orders placed by a printer or designer generate an order email only to the person who placed the order.

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