Field editor


A web-to-print input form users see when placing an order is made up of text and/or image input fields. Properties of each text input field are set from the properties of text frames in the source file, but can also be edited in a Field Editor on the site.

Web-to-print field editor/


You can access the Field Editor by clicking on the name label of any text input field in the form.

Edit any of the fields properties and click Save in the top right corner to apply the changes.


Note. As long as the Objects name in the CorelDRAW file is the same, the field editor values you set will remain even after the template files are re-uploaded.


Initially, the web to print input field name is set by renaming the text frame object inside CorelDRAW. You can also change the input field name after the template was uploaded in a catalog.

Web-to print field name/
Input the new field name in the Name section of the field editor.


Enter a hint so that the user can know what that specific field is for.

Web-to print hint/
The hint will appear below the input field after the user has clicked on it.


Web-to print multiline/

The multi-line section lets you override the single/mult-iline input field settings of the CorelDRAW file. By default all texts frames with more than one paragraph are multi-line.

There are three values to choose from:

  • Default – means that the field will inherit the single/multi-line settings from the uploaded template file.
  • Yes – means that the field will be forced to appear as a multi-line field.
  • No – means that the field will be forced to appear as a single line field.


Web-to print trim/

Choose one of the trimming options to instruct the system to automatically remove empty spaces from beginning and end of user input.

The “Normalise whitespace” option trims all excess empty spaces inside the sentence. If the user input contains more than a single empty space between words, this feature will ensure they are all reduced to a single empty space.

Length min/max

Web-to print text lenghtBy entering min/max length values, the user will be reminded to input text which no shorter than the min number of characters and restricted from entering more than the max number of characters.


Web-to print caseChoosing one of the four case options will force the user input to be transformed into the selected case.

Leaving the default blank option means that the text will be processed exactly as the user enters it.


This section is used for phone number formatting. Use this option when you want to force some simple formatting rules using a matching pattern.

Web-to print format/
Pattern: ### ### ## ##
Input: 1234567890
Output: 123 456 78 90

List of values

Web-to print list of values/

Users can be restricted to what they can enter in the text fields via lists of values or datasets.


Web-to print drop down list of values


By entering a List of values with more than 2 values, the input field will show as a drop-down menu.


Web-to print list of values check-box/

Lists consisting of 2 values, one of them an empty line show as a check-box.

Read more about List of values.

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