Font management


There are hundreds of thousands of fonts in the world. It is impossible to pre-install them all. Learn how to use fonts with your templates. Some fonts differ, but share the same name. Using the same font collection for everyone would result in naming conflicts. This is why ZetaPrints has only a minimal set of fonts pre-installed.

This in no way limits you to what fonts you should use for your templates because you can upload your fonts and assign the right ones to the template.

Note. Don’t embed fonts when saving your template in CorelDRAW. Extract and upload your fonts instead.

Watch a Flash demonstration on this topic

Font uploading

Font licensing

You are required to hold 1 additional license for every uploaded font, given that the font can be directly used by you. Please, check your font license to make sure there are no specific constraints for this usage model. The font is not installed on the server and cannot be used by any one else directly.

Font types

Any valid TTF, OTF, TTC, FON, PFM/PFB and some other file types can be uploaded. 2-file fonts like Type1 PFM/PFB need to be uploaded in pairs.

Your font collection

Your font collection contains all the fonts you have ever uploaded to the server. You can reuse these fonts for your templates without re-uploading font files.

Your font collection is visible to you only. No one else can assign your fonts to templates.

Fonts assigned to templates can be deleted from your font collection, but they will remain assigned to templates.

You can have duplicate fonts. The system does not try to match fonts by name because there are fonts that look different, but share the same name.

Template fonts

You can upload a font into your font collection and then assign it to a template or upload it straight into the template. Fonts uploaded into a template are added to your font collection.

Deleting a font from a template will not delete it from your font collection.

YOU HAVE TO RE-PROCESS THE TEMPLATE to generate a new preview after assigning all required fonts.

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