Get started overview


Just a few simple steps to get you started. For more advanced topics, please visit web to print help home page.

What you need

CorelDRAW 12 or later and some experience working with the software. View some free CorelDRAW tutorials here.

What you need to do

  • Create your design
  • Mark the text and images that you want to make variables
  • Create a new catalog, upload the file to the site and test it
  • Check if you need to upload both preview and printing templates

How it works



Rename the variable objects using Object Manager (Window/Dockers/Object Manager). Names of objects are extracted by ZetaPrints when you upload the file and then presented to the user as text fields or image fields.




E.x. if you create a text frame and rename it to Full Name, then there will be an input box in the order form called Full Name.

Converting your existing artwork

You can easily turn your existing designs into templates. Usually, artwork created in other vector-graphic formats can be imported into CorelDRAW either directly or through some other intermediate format like PDF.

E.g. Save your Freehand file as PDF retaining as much information as possible, import the file into Corel and make some adjustments to achieve the desired design. Read more about PDF to template conversion here. Many PDFs saved on Mac won’t open in CorelDRAW. Re-save them with Win text encoding.

Watch a Flash demonstration on this topic

Design limitations

There are NO limitations on design techniques for non-variable parts of the template. You are only asked to follow these few rules when it comes to text and images you want to make variable.


Our archive contains some basic Windows fonts like Arial or Verdana. You need to upload any other fonts manualy so that the fonts you used in the template are not replaced with basic system fonts. Read more…

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