Google analytics


Google Analytics is a free website traffic analysis service. It may offer you important insights into user behavior and performance of different products / offerings.

Privacy issues

Googles Analytics will collect information about all site activities, including activities protected by login and password. Although the data is not public, Google will have the insider knowledge about the inner working of your website. Do not use Google Analytics if you do not trust Google.

Embedding analytics ID

You need to sign up to Google Analytics service first. Some time during the sign-up you will be presented with a screen containing code to embed into your website
Copy the unique ID from the code into the clipboard and then paste it into your details screen on ZetaPrints.

Checking the script

Google has a help article explaining how to check if the script is working. In practice, it should be working just fine as long as the tracking code was entered correctly. You may need to wait up to 24 hours to see any movement of traffic in Google Analytics to find out for sure.

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