Google webmaster tools


Google webmaster tools is an extremely useful service if you want your designs, products and services to appear high in search results.

About the tools

The tools allow you to analyze how well you perform in search results, what the most popular searches are for your website, what content should be indexed and how, useful statistics and other important information that helps you get higher in the search ranking. We strongly recommend you consider using it yourself or through your webmaster if you have any catalogs with public access.

Get verified

Google requires a confirmation that the website in question is controlled by you. To do so they give you a short piece of HTML to embed into the website.
Cut the value inside content attribute and paste it into your details screen on ZetaPrints. You can cut and paste the entire mark-up string, but ZetaPrints will extract only the value of the content attribute.
When this is complete and saved, return to the Google verification screen and press Verify button.


If the verification is unsuccessful, please, check that the unique ID provided by Google matches the one you entered into your details screen.
Contact if the problem persists.

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