Hippie typography


This “retro” typography design style introduced in the hippie era is coming back in a big way. Learn how to make a boogie template in a few simple steps using CorelDRAWs Envelope and Contour tool.

Web-to-print hippie typography

Before you start

Web-to-print before you start

  • Add a page frame (Layout/Page Setup/Add Page Frame). This will create a rectangular shape with the exact same size as the paper size of your template and place it as a bottom layer.
  • Create a few artistic text frames, sent their font alignment to Force Justify and turn them into variable web-to-print fields.

This design technique was inspired by the “Create a 60’s Psychedelic Style Concert Poster” tutorial at psd.tutsplus.com


In a nutshell, we’re going to use the envelope tool to distort each edge of a text frame that borders with an edge of another text frame. We should end up with all the texts fields having straight edges on the outside and distorted ones in between.


BellBottom Laser font sample/

For this technique we need one of those “sixties” fonts that were popular in hippie psychedelic designs. Download the BellBottom Laser font or any other font you think will do the trick.

Note. Check out our font resources for more free fonts for your web to print designs.


Select the top dummy text and activate CorelDRAWs Envelope tool from the toolbox menu on the left.

Web-to-print drag nodes/

Drag the nodes of the bottom envelope edge to distort the text frame.


Repeat this step on all neighboring edges of the dummy text frames.


Web-to-print enveloped text frames/



The result should be similar to this.


Select the top dummy text and activate CorelDRAWs Contour tool from the toolbox menu on the left.

Use these settings as reference.

Web-to-print contour settings

Web-to-print Contour/



The result should be similar to this.

All done!

Our web-to-print software can handle this effect easily! Upload the template into your catalog and test it.

Web-to-print hippie typography/


Try this web-to-print template.


Download the FREE CorelDRAW template file.


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