Homepage layout


Web-to-print homepage layout can be customized if you have web-to-print products opened to unregistered users. Otherwise the home page displays the login screen no matter what you select.

Customization options

The homepage can display the following blocks:

  • popular templates
  • list of catalogs
  • latest templates

They blocks appear in the order specified, if there is anything to fill the block with.

A registered user’s homepage always shows the list of catalogs. The other blocks are shown if selected.

Popular templates examples

Popular templates are selected by their ordering popularity – the most often ordered comes first. The block scrolls horizontally.


Catalogs can show as a list of icons / images provided by you. Read about showing catalogs as icons.

Recent templates

This list extends down the page and displays templates in the order they were created, newest first. The age of the template is shown on the left. We recommend to use this block if you upload your templates often. It may not look good if your latest template was uploaded 6 months ago.

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