How the get help


Every once in a while you might run into a problem with a web-to-print template that you can’t solve yourself. Please don’t hesitate to ask for our assistance in these cases. Contact us at, but please, include the information we will need to help you.

Most likely your problem with the template has already been explained on this web-to-print help site and we can point you to the right articles.  Here’s what we need from you in order to help you in the shortest time possible:

  1. Where template was uploaded (the URL)
  2. A description of what went wrong and a clear description of what you are trying to achieve
  3. Links to what you are trying to imitate or links to some examples, if any
  4. Access to the catalog where the template was uploaded

Put the info and links in an email and someone will look into it for you.

Template URL

Apart from a detailed explanation of the problem, your eMail should also contain the Permalink to the template. This is the URL of the template and, unlike the user-friendly URL,  it does not change for the lifetime of the web to print template. You can find this URL in the Share tab,on the Links page or in the Template summary page.

Web-to-print permalink


We need to be able to download the CorelDRAW template file in order to check it. Instead of sending us the file, you can simply add as a designer in your catalog.

Watch a Flash demonstration on this topic

Note. Don’t forget the “magic” word in your eMail!

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