How to add keywords


Do you want your web-to-print designs to be found on the site and in through search engines? You have to add a few keywords for this to happen. Adding a few tags to describe the purpose, color, format, mood, feel, style, age group, occasion, process type, etc. will go a long way.

Edit template details page

Scroll down the form to field Categories on the Edit template details page. Enter the keywords there separated by commas. Press Save.

web-to-print keywords example
All keywords from other templates are shown in the list under the field. Click on Show categories link to display the list. Click on a keyword to insert it.

The numbers in brackets show the total number of templates tagged with the keyword. Keywords used by this template are grayed-out.

Keyword recommendations

You should tag your templates if you want search engines to notice them.

For humans:

  • Keep them short and informative
  • Do not use special characters or punctuation unless absolutely necessary
  • Do not use underscores
  • Repeating keywords are removed and show only once
  • Describe multiple qualities, not a list of all possible variations of just one quality

For search engines:

  • Use several similar keywords to emphasize the main topic
  • Do not overuse – the page may be considered spam
  • Words joined by underscore are considered to be one word
  • Words separated by hyphens considered to be separate words
  • Too many keywords make page look unattractive

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