How to Display Your Images using RSS in WordPress


Any website built on WordPress can show thumbnails of your web-to-print products using our simple RSS plugin.

Installing the plugin

SimplePie is required for this widget/plugin to work. You can get it here.

Installing SimplePie is as simple as downloading it, extracting it, and uploading it to your server under`/wp-content/plugins`. You must then activate it in WordPress’ admin section `Plugins`.

Once you’ve installed the SimplePie plugin you can get the RSS Image Widget plugin here.

Download the zip file for the RSS Image Widget and extract it. Then upload it to your server under `/wp-content/plugins/`.

You must also install the `*.tmpl` file inside the RSS Image Widget zip file inside the `/wp-content/plugins/simplepie-plugin-for-wordpress/templates/` directory. This template file is important as it will tell SimplePie what you want to display.

You may then activate this plugin in the WordPress `Plugins` admin section also.

Installing the widget in the sidebar

Once in the WordPress admin section click on the Presentation tab in the top menu and then on the Widget tab in the sub-menu.

Once there you should see the sidebar and widgets. Locate and drag and drop the Rss Image Widget into the Sidebar of your choice.

Place your RSS Feed inside the widget

Click on the button in the widget which is located on its right-hand side and it should pop open the form for you to modify the widget with.

Place your feed URL in the correct place. Optionally you may set the number of images shown. Leaving it at zero simply means that it will use the Simplepie defaults.

Click on the `Save Changes` button and you should be finished!

Upon completion of this step you should see the image widget in the sidebar of your site.

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