How to get API key


The API key is available to holders of master (printer, publisher, business) account only.

Step 1 – Register a printer account

Master account holders have full control over their virtual web-to-print sites. Sign up as a printer with ZetaPrints to gain full access to ZetaPrints web-to-print and dynamic imaging features.

Step 2 – Custom domain

Set up a custom domain.

Step 3 – Get the API key

Login to your printer account and navigate to API page.

Generate the key by clicking Generate new.

Do not set client IP.

Copy your API key and make sure you keep it secret just as a password. Generate a new key if needed.

Step 4 – Use the key

The web-to-print API key allows customers to add new specific features, replace screens or bypass ZetaPrints user interface altogether. Your API key is required for some web-to-print usage scenarios.

Ex. Our web-to-print Magento extension requires an API key to connect to ZetaPrints API.

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