How to improve customer response rate


Sending a registration email may not be enough to bring a customer to your website.

Initial registration

The initial registration email is brief and dry. Its purpose is to provide a registration link and give very brief instructions on what to do next. There is no “sales” in the email text and if the customer is not immediately concerned with ordering from you it will be deleted or stashed away. Most likely the customer will not remember about your online print ordering in a matter of hours.

Place links on your homepage

Information on your main business website is critical. The website must have concise descriptions of your online ordering options with links to:

  • Ordering homepage – http:/your-ordering-domain-name/
  • Registration page – http:/your-ordering-domain-name/?page=register
  • Password retrieve – http:/your-ordering-domain-name/?page=lost

Show them how simple it is

Create a demonstration catalog with a few sample products. Place a link to it on your website and let them click on it and see how it is to order from you online. They will remember the experience and come back later when they need to place an order.
An alternative is to have a Flash demo movie showing the ordering process. You can use this one for free.

Repeat invitations to register

Users who haven’t responded to initial registration emails sent by the system are likely to ignore any repeat emails. A more creative approach is needed.

  1. Download the list of users from User Management page
  2. Select unregistered emails
  3. Email more or less personal invitations with some great offers to entice them to your site
  4. Cut and paste the list of emails (no more than 100 at a time) into NEW USERS text box on User Management page
  5. Check NOTIFY EXISTING USERS option “on”
  6. Click Add new users button

The system will dispatch repeat registration emails. They will be sent as from your email address and ideally should arrive shortly after the personal email that you sent to the users. Experience shows that more users will either click on the link in the repeat registration email or just visit your main site after getting a personal invitation and an offer of a good deal.

Email constraints

Although we don’t believe that your registration emails are spam, many people who receive them think it is spam. Avoid sending repeat registration emails if possible. Sending more than twice may place your email address on the customer’s “spam list”.

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