Image field properties


A web-to-print image field can be used in a number of ways, depending on the settings. You can control if a user can upload images, use your stock images, a colour picker, combine layouts (orders), etc.

User image control

Users get slightly different versions of image controls on a preview page depending on the field settings. This screenshot has all features enabled.

Web-to-print image field tabs

Stock images

Stock images can be attached to any image field in a web-to-print template. It is better to use image folders for easy managements. Read more about managing stock images in web-to-print templates.

Stock images tab is present on the preview page only if there are stock images assigned to the field.

Web-to-print stock images section

Colour picker

Web-to-print color picker

A colour picker replaces the placeholder image with a solid fill of a selected colour. Choose RGB or CMYK colour profile for best web-to-print or dynamic imaging quality. The RGB picker has  point-and-click option and a text box for entering a hex value of the colour. CMYK picker has only point-and-click option.

Colour picker tab is present on the preview page only if the picker is enabled for this field.

Web-to-print color picker tab

Web-to-print add a color picker option/

To add a color picker option to a variable image field, go to the Images page of the template and assign the desired color picker settings in the Field settings section.

User image uploading

Web-to-print upload images section

Users can upload images to any field by default, except for fields with stock photos. Use this option to control “Upload new” and “My images” tabs.

Default behavior:

Web-to-print file uploading permissions


  • no stock images – uploading enabled;
  • attached stock images – uploading disabled and you need to choose “allow” if you want to give users a choice of your stock images or their own images;


Downloading images from the web

This feature is currently disabled.

A user can specify a URL of an image on some other website. ZetaPrint’s web-to-print system will attempt to download the image and put it into the user’s image library for use in this template. Some images cannot be downloaded for all sorts of technical or legal reasons.

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