Image library


Any image uploaded to your web to print portal goes to the user’s image library. Uploaded images can be organized in folders and edited. Images can also be used as selection stock attached to templates.

Uploading images

To add images in your Image library, you can either:

  • Upload images directly through the Image library uploader on image library page or
  • Upload images during the template preview update process on a template preview page

Web-to-print images uploader/


The image library uploader allows the user to specify a destination folder and title. Otherwise the image is put into the default folder.

Size limits

A user account is limited to 500 images. Once the limit is reached the least used images are dropped.

A printer account is limited to 2000 images. We can increase this limit on demand.

There is no limit on the number of folders. A folder may contain any number of images, but only the top 100 can be displayed. Move extra files into a new folder to reduce the size.

Attached folders and images

Image files and folders can be attached to templates as stock images for users to choose from instead of uploading their own.


Attached images are connected to the template in a different manner according to the way they’ve been assigned to it. There’s a difference between attaching a folder or all the files from that folder seperately.

Attached images

Once an image file is attached to a template it is attached in the form and shape of the moment. Copying, moving, deleting, rotating or cropping the image in the image library won’t affect the template. It will remain the same as it was the moment you attached it to the template.

Attached folders

Changes to folders or image files in folders affects all templates the folder is attached to. For example cropping an image will immediately affect all templates with the attached folder the file is in. Deleting or moving an image file from the folder will remove it from all templates as well.

In other words, an attached folder displays contents for the current moment, unlike files attached directly to a template.

Editing images

Web-to-print edit image/


Images can be rotated by 90° in both directions and cropped.  Undo function brings the image into its original state.  Deleting an image is permanent and cannot be undone.


Web-to-print edit image title/

Image title can be edited by clicking on Edit title menu entry or by clicking on the title directly. Pressing Enter saves the changes.

File retention

Files remain on the server until there are no templates, folders or orders referencing them.

E.g. if a file was used in an order, but was deleted from the image library it will be pulled out and displayed in the list of user files on re-ordering.

The web-to-print system removes unused files during automatic clean-up operations.

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