Stock images


Templates may have image placeholders for users to upload their own images. It is also possible to provide a collection of images for users to choose from instead of uploading their own.

Web-to-print image selection

Watch a Flash demonstration on this topic

Prepare the template and the images

Prepare a template

The template needs to be prepared as usual with an image placeholder as a variable image field. Upload the template to your catalog.

Prepare the images

The images can be saved from CorelDRAW or prepared using any other image editing application.
Note. It is recommended that the images have identical size, unless otherwise is required by the design.

Web-to-print upload images/


Go to My Image library under Maintenance and upload the images one by one.



Note. You can create a new or specify an existing folder where you want your uploaded image to be placed. Read more about the image library.

Attach the images to the template

Web-to-print images/

Go to the template page and click on Images in the template menu.


Web-to-print image folders/


Each variable image field in the template has its own section. Choose an image a click on Folders to view all the image folders present in your image library.


Web-to-print attach a folder/


You can attach an entire folder by clicking on the Attach folder link of the folder.



Web-to-print attach selected/


To attach individual images click on the Show files link of the folder, check the images you want attached and click Attach selected.



After you’ve attached the images, users will be forced to choose one of your images or none. They will not be able to upload their own image.

Attached images vs. Attached folders

Attached images are connected to the template in a different manner according to the way they’ve been assigned to it. There’s a difference between attaching a folder or all the files from that folder seperately.

Attached images

Once an image file is attached to a template it is attached in the form and shape of the moment. Copying, moving, deleting, rotating or cropping the image in the image library won’t affect the template. It will remain the same as it was the moment you attached it to the template.

Attached folders

Changes to folders or image files in folders affects all templates the folder is attached to. For example cropping an image will immediately affect all templates with the attached folder the file is in. Deleting or moving an image file from the folder will remove it from all templates as well.

In other words, an attached folder displays contents for the current moment, unlike files attached directly to a template.

Image security

Users cannot get access to the original size image. They can see a small thumbnail preview in the filmstrip or a slightly larger preview in a separate window.

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