Images inside a text frame – overlay.


Images can be used inside a text frame for better alignment – when the text changes the images shift as well. In this example the text was getting behind the image, when it should be the other way around.

Download this web-to-print template.


Insert the drop into the text. More on this technique.

Select the drop shape and copy it into the clipboard. Put the cursor inside the text frame at the beginning of the text and paste the drop.

Adjust the drop so that it shows exactly as the original. Use Character Formatting docker to change font size, vertical and horizontal shift.

You will notice that the drop actually covers the first letter, unlike what you see on the image above.

Duplicate the text frame.

In the original text frame, put the text in {brackets} so that only the text will be replaced, then select all the text and make it invisible.

In the duplicate text frame, delete the drop and adjust the size of the frame so that it roughly matches the position of the invisible text underneath.

Now you should see the text sitting on top of the drop.

Give both text frames exactly the same names in the object browser so that they are the same field for user input.

Upload and test.


Both the visible and invisible texts will be replaced with the same user input.

Changes in the invisible text will shift the drop left or right by the same amount as the visible text so that they are always in the same perfect alignment.

You can sandwich multiple layers of graphics and texts using this technique and achieve even greater effects.

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