09. Import data

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Once the web-to-print extension is installed and configured you can import the data from your ZetaPrints portal. All your catalogs and templates are imported initially. Only new and updated templates are imported on subsequent runs. Data import needs to be initiated manually.

ZetaPrints templates synchronization profile

This advanced profile is automatically created when the extension is installed. Navigate to System / Import/Export / Advanced Profiles.

  • Name: ZetaPrints templates synchronization
  • Action XML: you should see the following XML code in the Actions XML field of the profile:

Configure data import

You need to provide ZetaPrints API Key and URL of your web-to-print portal as explained in Step 8 – Configure settings.

Run data import

Navigate to System / Import/Export / Advanced Profiles. Select ZetaPrints templates synchronization profile and click on Run Profile tab on the left. Click Run Profile in Popup button. It will initiate a data importing process which may take several minutes.

Re-run the ZetaPrints templates synchronization the same way every time you add new templates or change existing ones in ZetaPrints. Templates with no variable fields will be ignored.

Note. Prices and options are not imported by running data import. You’ll need to set them manually in Step 11 – Configure attributes.

Deleted templates

By default, the data import does not delete corresponding products from Magento even if they were removed from ZetaPrints. You need to chose an option in the ZetaPrints Sync settings page to set the preferred action for deleted templates.

Setting your outside server IP address

You need to set outside server ip address only when you are planning to use Magento personalization form and this ip address doesn’t match your server address.

This can happen in several situations, for example, your server is behind a NAT.

In such situation you need to hardcode outside server ip address in <your_magento_installation>/app/code/local/ZetaPrints/Zpapi/Model/zp_api.php file. Open this file, find following lines (it’s somewhere at the end of the file):

//Enter here your outside ip address
//if it’s not matching your machine address
//$ip = ‘a.b.c.d’;

Uncomment third line and replace a.b.c.d with external server ip address.

For example:

//Enter your external ip address here
//if it doesn’t match your server address
$ip = ‘;

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