Templates must adhere to certain rules and limitations. None of them should limit your creativity, though.

What are limitations

Limitations are placed on how the objects are arranged in Object Manager, not on the designs themselves. Your creativity is not hampered in any way. Any design that can be produced in CorelDRAW can be processed by ZetaPrints web2print system.

Fields extracted from the list of objects

The screenshot of an Object Manager resulted in a list of fields shown below.

Groups and layers with * in the name

There is no limit on the number of objects in the document. Processing large number of objects slows down the system so you need to tell the system which groups of objects are static and do not need to be processed.

You can either:

  • place static objects in a separate layer and put * as the first letter of the layer’s name


  • group large numbers of static objects and put * as the first letter of the group’s name

If the system encounters a layer or a group of objects with a name starting with * it will not look for any variable fields in them:

  • *Layer2
  • *ignore
  • *logo
  • *Group of 16 Objects

100 objects limit

The system does not look for any variable fields if there are more than 100 objects in a row. To avoid this, group large number of static objects together to make them count as one object. Leave only the variable objects outside the group.

The system will not look for any variable fields in a group of more than 100 objects.

The file can still have groups with any number of objects, but the system will not look for variable fields in groups larger than 100. A group with 2 subgroups of 50 objects each counts as a group with 2 objects.

Processing stops after 1000 objects

The system will stop looking for any variable fields in the file after processing 1000 objects.

E.g. the screenshot shows ‘*Group of 16 Objects’ comprised of 16 other groups totalling 16×93=1488 objects. The system would stop processing after counting 1000 objects and would not find any variable fields listed at the bottom of the object list. However, the top group has * as its first letter, so it was skipped by the system.

PowerClips in groups

A powerclip with variable data should not be grouped with any other objects. The system will not look for any variable fields in grouped powerclipls. E.g. the powerclip with ‘Insert image’ will not be recognised as a variable field, while the powerclip with ‘Large photo’ will.

File size

The template file maximum allowed size is 20 MB per file, we can adjust this limitation to 50 MB upon request.

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