Linking products to templates


Magento products can be linked to imported web-to-print templates using a tab on a product details page. This is convenient if you have existing products that need to be linked to templates or want to re-link to a different template.

Linking configurable products

Configurable products cannot be created automatically. You need to create them by hand and then link to templates.  More than one product can be linked to the same template.

Linking simple products

Simple products can be created by ZetaPrints web-to-print extension once templates are imported. Alternatively, existing products can be linked to templates the same way as configurable products.

Linking Magento products to web-to-print templates

  • Log in to Magento as admin and navigate to Catalog / Manage products
  • Chose a product from the list
  • Select Web-to-print templates tab
  • Find a template for the product and save the form

Check if the product displays a web-to-print form when you view it as a user.

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