List of scripts


This post contains a list of available scripts to add interactivity to a ZetaPrints web-to-print portal. The scripts can be turned on and off by copying script URLs. All scripts are released as open source and can be modified and re-used.

Enabling scripts

web-to-print-scripts Copy the URLs of scripts you want to turn on into JavaScript URLs text box on Branding / Layout options page in your ZetaPrints admin site. Make sure you maintain the order of the scripts as in the snippets.

Remove any scripts you don’t want from JavaScript URLs text box.

Troubleshooting scripts

We fully support all our scripts. Please, forward any bug reports to Check the list of known issues and features under development. Scripts are not supported on IE6.

List of web-to-print scripts

Bulk image uploading

Select multiple files into a queue on My Images page and leave them to upload over time. It is a great time saver if you need to upload more than just a couple of small files on a not so fast connection.


Fancy image editor

Clicking on an image in image library on preview or My Images page opens up a fancy image editor with image editing functions.


Asynchronous image uploading for previews

Images can be uploaded asynchronously one by one on the previews page before Update preview button is clicked. It allows to upload more files faster.

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