Lists of users


How to view and download lists of users.

List of users per catalog

A list of users is displayed on Users page for every catalog. The list includes only users manually added to the catalog or self-registered for that catalog. You can download the full list as an MS Excel file. The file includes:

  • Users manually added to the catalog
  • Users self-registered for the catalog
  • Users with orders for the catalog


List of all users

The full list of users across all catalogs can be downloaded as an MS Excel file from printer’s home page.

The file includes:

  • Users manually added to catalogs
  • Users self-registered for catalogs
  • Users with you

Excluded users

You can have a catalog with access by anyone with an email at a particular domain, e.g. Users may be registered in the database, but will not be included into your report if they have no orders with you and were never added to any of your catalogs manually.
In other words, you need to know their email address first to add them to the catalog or they need to place an order with you.

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