Magento and API billing


Magento and API billing works slightly differently from billing for the core web-to-print interface.

API web-to-print orders

There are two types of web-to-print order requests:

Normal charges apply when ZetaPrints generates output files, which happens when complete order function is called. Save order is usually non-billable, unless the template has an option of generating a test PDF file with saved orders.

If an order is charged for generating test PDF files and then progresses to complete order then it is charged only once. If the saved order with test PDF is deleted or stays as saved it is billed as a complete order.

Magento web-to-print orders

Our web-to-print extension for Magento uses ZetaPrints web-to-print API for preview and output generation. Magento orders follow the same rules as API orders.

The web-to-print extension is designed so that an order added to cart stays as saved order and is completed when the user passes the checkout. This means that the order is billable when the user paid. Different store and template configurations may affect the billing process:

  • web-to-print templates with test PDF generation are billed after being added to the checkout
  • allowing users to checkout without a payment will result in billable orders

Products without web-to-print or dynamic imaging are not processed by ZetaPrints and are not billable. Whatever you sell through your Magento shop is totally unknown to ZetaPrints unless there is a request for preview or output generation.

Magento privacy

ZetaPrints does not collect any information about your Magento store, customers, sales or any other information. Products without web-to-print and dynamic imaging do not come into contact with our code and are not visible to ZetaPrints. The code is open source and you should get someone to examine it if you have any privacy or security concerns.

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