Magento product presentation


The products in your web-to-print and dynamic imaging Magento store can be presented in different ways.

Custom preview images

By default, the initial image of the product is the template’s preview image, or in multi-page templates, the first page of the template. Magento has a feature called “Base image” which is a custom image for products that shows within a zoom control on the product page.

Magento web-to-print calendar preview

Let’s say you wish to show a product as it is used in real life (e.g. a personalized daily task calendar). Instead of showing the calendar itself as the product image, you can show it displayed on an office wall. This can be achieved using by using a custom Base image for the product.
Magento web-to-print manage products

Navigate to the producs settings page in your Magento Admin Panel (Catalog/Manage Products).
Magento web-to-print product image

Click on Images tab in Product Information menu.

Browse for the custom base image in your local hard drive and hit Upload Files.

Magento web-to-print set base image

Set the new image as the base image by checking its box in the Base Image column of the table and Save your settings.

The product page for your Calendar template will now show the new image as the first preview of the product.

Product presentation behavior

There are a few options regarding the product page behavior. Navigate to Design tab on Product information page to chose from a list of available themes in the Custom Design drop-down menu.

Magento web-to-print themes

Single step theme

This is the default theme (zptheme). A base image (if assigned) is displayed within a zoom control when the product page is loaded for the first time. The base image and the zoom control are replaced with the template’s image when the customer updates a preview.

2-step theme

The two step theme (zp2steptheme) separates the product page into 2 steps. The base image (if assigned) shows up only on the first step which is a product info page and has no personalization form. The customer needs to click Personalize in order to navigate to the second step page which has the personalization form and the original template preview image.

Interactive personalization theme

Use this theme (zpadvancedtheme) to allow interactive personalization based on a “point and click” method. The base image behavior is identical to the single step theme.

Custom themes

The default ZetaPrints theme has some custom code that enables all the cool web-to-print features. You can also create custom themes your self or with the help of a developer.

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