Magento web-to-print translations


You can customize your web-to-print Magento store with additional language options. Users will be able to choose the language they prefer from a list of translations you provide.

This post explains how to create a localized version of our web-to-print Magento store and give customers the option of viewing it in their own language (ex. Macedonian). You need to perform the following steps:

  1. create a new store view
  2. create a new locale
  3. save the locale
  4. download the locale files
  5. translate the contents of the files
  6. upload
  7. re-index data

Create additional store view

Navigate to System/Manage store in your Magento administration panel and click on Create Store View button in the top right corner.

Magento web-to-print store view creation

  1. Chose a store that you wish the additional store view applied to;
  2. Input the name (language) for the custom store view. This is what users will see in the list of languages.
  3. Input the code for the new language;
  4. Enable the store view;
  5. Click Save Store View in the top right corner.

Locale options

Magento web-to-print configuration scope

Navigate to System/Configuration and chose your newly created store view from the Current Configuration Scope drop-down menu.
Magento web-to-print locale options

In the General tab of the configuration page, set the new language in the Locale field and click Save Config.

You have now created a new, localized store view for your Magento web-to-print store.

Translate your store

The most important part of the localization is translating the text. This is a simple procedure that requires editing a CSV file with a simple text editor.

Download the CSV file and open it with a text editing application (Notepad, Notepad++ etc.).

Each button, link, text that appeared in your store after installing the Magento web-to-print extension is represented as a separate line inside the CSV file in the following format:

Magento web-to-print CSV file

Your job is to change the content inside the second set of “quotation marks” in your language for each line.

Note. Save the file without changing its extension! The file name should still be zetaprints_w2p.csv

Upload the CSV file

Place the new CSV file in a folder named according to the short language code.


  • Russian: ru_RU
  • German: de_DE
  • Macedonian: mk_MK
Magento web-to-print destination folder

Upload the folder in your hosting account to the following destination:
Magento store folder -> app -> locale

Reindex data

Navigate to System/Index management in your Magento admin panel and run data re-index for all required indexes.

Magento web-to-print laguages

The new language options will appear in a form of a drop-down menu in the header of your web-to-print Magento store.
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