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Magento is a powerful e-commerce platform for building online stores. We created an open source extension to bring the power of ZetaPrints dynamic imaging and web-to-print back-end to any Magento store.

Running a Magento store requires technical expertise or assistance of IT professionals. This page is a basic overview of our web-to-print solution for Magento.

Watch a video presentation Get an API key, configure w2p extension
Sign up for ZetaPrints printer account Create templates, upload to ZP and test
Get a subdomain, link to ZP, login to claim it Import templates into Magento
Instal Magento Configure prices, access control, etc
Install web-to-print extension

Installation steps

  1. Register a master account
  2. Set up your custom domain
  3. What is required
  4. Install Magento, if not already installed
  5. Install the web-to-print extension for Magento
  6. Configure the default theme
  7. Clear Magento cache
  8. Configure web-to-print synchronization settings
  9. Import templates from ZetaPrints catalogs
  10. Create simple products from the imported templates
  11. Configure product attributes

Access control

There are 2 different modes you can use in the ZetaPrint extension for Magento:

  • a public site and
  • a corporate site

A corporate site requires access control. This feature is available in Magento Enterprise Edition. We also created a simple extension for access control to help you get it going before upgrading to Enterprise Edition.

Extension support and questions: support@zetaprints.com

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