Multi-page templates


You can have as many pages in your web-to-print templates as you wish. This allows you to extend your range of products from simple, single sided prints to double sided business cards or books with large number of pages.

Appropriate web-to-print page titles

It is rather helpful for the customers to know where they are in the template personalization process at any given time. You can ensure this by assigning relevant page titles to your multipage templates.

In CorelDRAW, right click on the page name tab at the bottom and chose “Rename” option. Give the page a meaningful name, e.g. Front Page, Back, etc. so the user doesn’t get confused what goes where in the order form.

Repeating web-to-print fields

Multi-page documents have a shared pool of fields, meaning that if you mark a text frame as Email address on pages 1 and 2, the users will be prompted for their email address only once – for page 1. The other page gets the same value for email address as page 1.

Skipped pages in generated output files

By default, the web-to-print system is set to ignore the pages users didn’t update previews for and excludes them from the generated output print-ready files. There are more options to cover various types of web-to-print products. Navigate to template details page and chose the appropriate option from the drop-down menu.

  • exclude blank pages – pages that users skipped will be excluded from the final output (Default setting);
  • include default pages – pages that users skipped will be included in the final output as they are in the template file.
  • all pages are required – users must personalize all pages in order to check out.
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