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Newspaper ads come in different sizes depending on the sheet size and the number of columns in the layout. Ads can be done in color or Black and White depending on the customers needs. 

Cool newspaper ad design by pixelfreeway.comFull color newspaper ad

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Things to consider:

  • Size – depending on the customer’s requirements and the newspaper’s ad sizes chart.
  • Bleed – no bleed
  • Resolution – use high resolution images.
  • Looks – make it visually appealing.
  • Color space – full color CMYK or black & white.
  • Color saturation – limits on the required amount of ink


Standard newspaper sizes
Size Dimensions (mm) Dimensions (inches)
Broadsheets 600 x 380 23,5 x 15
Tabloids (half broadsheet) 380 x 300 15 x 11,75
Berliner or Midi (European newspapers) 470 x 315 18,5 x 12,25

The pages are laid out on a grid, which consists of a margin on 4 sides with a number of vertical columns and a space between columns (called gutters). Broadsheet newspaper pages usually have 6 columns, while tabloid sized publications have 5. The size of the ad is measured by milimeters ( or Inches ) in height for the number of columns needed.

Newspaper Ad sizes
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Bleed area

Newspapers are usually printed on long continuous rolls of paper using a rotary printing press. This process only requires cutting the seperate sheets after they are printed. Don’t add bleed to your newspaper ad templates since they are placed within the safe zone of the newspaper.

Color space

  • When creating black & white newspaper ad templates you should work in Grayscale color mode.
  • When creating full color newspaper ad templates you should work in CMYK color mode.

Color saturation

Depending on the printing process, the publication may have requirements to limit color saturation or in production terms ‘how much ink is used on a certain area’. Too much ink takes more time to dry and affects how different inks interact with each other. Usually their pre-press process corrects this issues, but the printed colors may look totally different from what you expect.

Image quality

The image placeholders should have resolution of 300 DPI or more.


The most common features of a web-to-print newspaper ad template are:

  • Large headers to grab attention
  • Multiline text fields for various content
  • Prominent contact details
  • Replaceable images for photos and for the company logo.
  • Fine print
  • Authorisation statement

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