Order retention


All orders for web to print products are retained in the database for a certain period of time and then removed permanently.

Default retention policy

Orders are retained indefinitely, except for orders in DELETED web to print folder. All DELETED web to print orders older than 6 months are removed from the database by default.
You can specify a shorter period up to 1 month per web to print catalog.
web to print order retention 1
web to print order retention 2

Order components

Orders consist of user input, preview and output files. All these components are deleted from your DELETED folder permanently after the specified period of time. Users will not be able to re-order using those orders. User images not used in any other orders are also deleted.


Output files are retained for 3 months and get deleted automatically. It does not affect the previews. The preview files are retained for the lifetime of the order.

Web-to-print orders where files can be downloaded by users get a special note informing users that files were archived.

Master account holders (printers, publishers, etc.) can regenerate the files free of charge, if the original template is still in the system. Orders where the templates were removed cannot be regenerated and need to be re-ordered.

Re-generated files will be deleted again within a few hours, depending on how far the next clean-up cycle is.

Retention Pros and Cons

Retaining orders helps users to re-order any time with minimal effort, avoid re-uploading the same images and re-typing texts.

On the other hand it makes harder to find the right order and becomes a privacy concern in some cases.
Do not keep orders for longer than needed.

Orders from other folders

Orders from folders other than DELETED are retained for unspecified period of time and may get deleted after 6 months if sit unused.

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