Order status


Every order has a status. This article explains the rules and meanings behind status names.

A customer cannot cancel an order or put it on hold once it is in printing.

Old orders are automatically removed from deleted folder.

  • to approve – the order must be reviewed and approved to proceed to printing. This value is set automatically when the order is placed, but only if order approval is required. Such order can be approved or canceled.
  • unpaid – the order must be paid before being processed.
  • to print – the order should be printed now, but can still be canceled or put on hold by the customer.
  • in print – the order is being printed and cannot be canceled by the customer.
  • printed – the order was printed and is ready for shipping.
  • shipped – the order was shipped. The customer can delete the order when it arrives.
  • deleted – the order is no longer relevant. The order details will be physically deleted from the system at a later date.
  • problems – there are problems with the order, it cannot proceed and the parties need to make contact to resolve them.
  • saved – an order has not been completed. The user may come back and complete or delete it.
  • draft – an order has been partially prepared and saved. The user may come back and complete or delete it. Also, the user may share this as a template with other users if they have access rights to the catalogue. It is different from a saved order because the saved details cannot be changed.
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