Orders API: generate output files


A saved web-to-print order has no output files other than the preview files. An external web-to-print system may request ZetaPrints web-to-print to generate the final order for a given saved order.

Saved order completion

Example: http://posters.example.com/api.aspx?page=api-order-complete;ApiKey=532525b4-10fe-4424-bf8f-890cb8bd57a1;OrderID=DDAA54F2-CD80-4DCB-8148-8B875135B17F

Domain name: custom only.

Page: api.aspx

Required parameters:

  • page=api-order-complete
  • ApiKey={your api key}
  • OrderID={ID of a saved order}

Optional parameters:

  • IDs={Desired order ID for the resulting order, GUID}


  • on success: order details of the new and final order
  • access denied / wrong ids: 404
  • on error:  application error message
  • on wrong status: <error OrderID=”[wrong status message]”>
  • on failed order generation: <error OrderID=”[wrong status message]”>
  • if template doesn’t exist: <error Processing=”[reason for failure]”>


The response contains full order details on success. The saved order is deleted and a new order record is created with a new ID, which is returned in OrderDetails/@OrderID attribute. If parameter IDs contains a GUID it will be used as a new order ID. If parameter IDs contains an existing order ID it will be ignored and a new order ID used instead.

There is a chance that the call may fail. Possible reasons are:

  • the template doesn’t exist any more
  • some images were removed permanently
  • output generation error
  • the saved order has status other than “saved”

Processing errors may be recoverable or not. It is best to log them and try to re-process orders within ZetaPrints admin interface. It will be easier to rectify any problems there.

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