Orders API: list of orders


Web to print orders API gives direct access to list of orders, their details and all associated resources. One of applications is to download new orders automatically and process the files on the client side, including automatic pre-flight, hot folder routing, data import into MIS and accounting s/w.

List of orders

Example: http://posters.example.com/api.aspx?page=api-order-list;ApiKey=532525b4-10fe-4424-bf8f-890cb8bd57a1;DateFrom=2008-01-01T00:00:00

Domain name: custom only.

Page: api.aspx

Required parameters:

  • page=api-order-list
  • ApiKey={your api key}
  • DateFrom={date and time in system format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss}


  • list of orders on success
  • 404 or application error message on error


This function is designed to be lightweight as it needs to be called often. The response contains a list of no more than 100 orders sorted by date, ascended. Once you get the first 100, note the date and time of the last one and adjust DateFrom parameter accordingly to get next 100 orders.


    <Order OrderID="21DD63C6-08CA-4CFC-B331-BC66BEEB4E59" CreatedBy="0A3295D7-7E23-457C-A2FB-B211E3E395B7" Created="2009-04-02T01:19:45.860" Status="saved"/>
    <Order OrderID="8A25905C-6388-48F0-974C-FC230CADA9A8" CreatedBy="0A3295D7-7E23-457C-A2FB-B211E3E395B7" Created="2009-04-02T01:25:30.387" Status="to print"/>
    <Order OrderID="532BE008-41A7-4E67-8229-A93F0E576AC3" CreatedBy="EDCF2069-5B23-4080-9385-C4875DF5A030" Created="2009-04-07T04:16:38.893" Status="download"/>
    <Order OrderID="9012B88A-86D8-42CC-A2FF-A35A8FA4B8D8" CreatedBy="EDCF2069-5B23-4080-9385-C4875DF5A030" Created="2009-04-07T04:16:56.983" Status="saved"/>
    <Order OrderID="E7005B9A-D2B3-4D1B-AD14-DF66DE37B051" CreatedBy="jo@zetaprints.com" Created="2009-04-14T14:12:50.067" Status="to approve"/>
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