Orders API: status change


A web-to-print order has a status, changed to which are logged and help determine the lifecyle of the order. The status needs to be set to “deleted” for orders to be removed from our web-to-print database.

Order status change

Example: http://posters.example.com/api.aspx?page=api-order-status;ApiKey=532525b4-10fe-4424-bf8f-890cb8bd57a1;OrderID=DDAA54F2-CD80-4DCB-8148-8B875135B17F;Status=in%20print;StatusOld=to%print

Domain name: custom only.

Page: api.aspx

Required parameters:

  • page=api-order-status
  • ApiKey={your api key}
  • OrderID={take the value from OrderID attribute in order list}
  • Status={new case sensitive value for status}
  • StatusOld={the currect status}


  • order details with the current data after the update
  • 404 or application error message on error


The response contains full order details, but updated with new status and possibly other updated details.

The new Status can be any string value up to 30 characters long, but we recommend to use the same values as on the site.

StatusOld must be set to what the current status in the DB is minimize stale data overwriting current data. E.g., the local DB has TO PRINT while the customer canceled the order. The value is case sensitive.

Check the response for updated status. The system returns full order details even if the update didn’t take place.

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