Orders API


Web to print orders API gives direct access to list of orders, their details and all associated resources. One of applications is to download new orders automatically and process the files on the client side, including automatic pre-flight, hot folder routing, data import into MIS and accounting s/w.

List of orders

Returns no more than 200 web-to-print orders at a time starting with the specified date and time

Example: http://posters.example.com/api.aspx?page=api-order-list;ApiKey=532525b4-10fe-4424-bf8f-890cb8bd57a1;DateFrom=2008-01-01T00:00:00

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Order details

Returns full order details for a given web-to-print order.

Example: http://posters.example.com/api.aspx?page=api-order;ApiKey=532525b4-10fe-4424-bf8f-890cb8bd57a1;OrderID=DDAA54F2-CD80-4DCB-8148-8B875135B17F

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Order status change

Changes status of a given web-to-print order.

Example: http://posters.example.com/api.aspx?page=api-order-status;ApiKey=532525b4-10fe-4424-bf8f-890cb8bd57a1;OrderID=DDAA54F2-CD80-4DCB-8148-8B875135B17F;Status=in%20print;StatusOld=to%print

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Create new order (save)

This API function creates a “saved” web-to-print order for a template using the latest data from the user cache and the previews generated by the web-to-print user earlier. Read more …

Saved order completion

A saved web-to-print order can be converted into a final order with output files.

Example: http://posters.example.com/api.aspx?page=api-order-complete;ApiKey=532525b4-10fe-4424-bf8f-890cb8bd57a1;OrderID=DDAA54F2-CD80-4DCB-8148-8B875135B17F

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