PDF to template conversion – Basic


It is relatively easy to convert a PDF file into a CorelDRAW web-to-print template. You just need to follow a few simple steps.

This post explains the basic conversion process. You may encounter several common problems, mainly with spacing, kerning and alignment. Read our PDF to template conversion advanced tutorial for more info.

Import the PDF

Drag and Drop or use the Import option to open the PDF file in CorelDRAW.

Web-to-print import text as editable/

In the pop-up window that appears, choose “Import Text As Text” option.

Object groups

By default, the PDF file is imported as a group of objects in CorelDRAW. Select the group and press Ctrl+U to ungroup them.

CorelDRAW group static objects/




Group the objects that will remain static and leave the ones you want to make variable text or image fields outside the group.

Arrange fields

The online input form shows the input fields as they are arranged in  CorelDRAW Object Manager (Window/Dockers/Object Manager). It is best to arrange them top to bottom according to their position in the design. Read more about arranging fields in logical order.

CorelDRAW horizontal alignment/


Set the text horizontal alignment if it’s other than the default Left alignment.

Input field names

Web-to-print field names/

To make an object a web-to-print variable, you simply need to rename that object in the Object manager. The name of the object will be the input field name in the online form. Read more about the web-to-print variable text and image fields.

By default all variable images are aligned in the center. You can change the alignment as needed.


Note. You may find it easier to name the fields before rearranging them.

Upload the template

As a final step, you need to upload the file in your catalog as a web-to-print template and test it.


Flash demo: convert a PDF into a template – Basic

Download the source files: PDF / CDR

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