PDF to template conversion


It is relatively easy to convert a PDF file into a CorelDRAW template. A number of caveats need to be observed and taken care of.


Drag and drop the PDF file onto a blank screen in CorelDRAW

  • Convert one page at a time
  • Fonts may be showing as missing even you have them installed – choose the right substitutes
  • The page size may need to be changed. Don’t forget to add a page frame.


All texts will appear as artistic text frames.

  • You may need to combine them into a single frame.
  • You may need to convert them into a paragraph frame.
  • You may need to combine them first and then convert into paragraph frame.

In either case, check that the line height and paragraph spacing are set correctly. Otherwise the lines may merge into one or appear about the paragraph frame. Check horizontal alignment, always. Set vertical alignment for paragraph frames if it’s other than TOP.


Images may be badly compressed or not compressed at all.

  • Convert them into bitmaps with the right resolution.
  • Crop them using a power clicp, if needed and then convert it into a new bitmap


Flash demo: convert a PDF into a template

Download the source files: PDF / CDR

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