Prices and payments


As a printer, you can accept payments from your customers online using one of Credit Card Payments Gateways:


  • make sure that you branded your site and access it through your own domain name (e.g. and not through
  • create a merchant account with the payments gateway

Watch a Flash demonstration on this topic or read on.

How to enable payments

Go to your details page and scroll to the payments section

Choose the gateway and currency options. Provide your account ID. Click Save.
You will see a new item in the menu: MY BALANCE
It will show how much your customers owe you for unpaid orders.

How to specify prices

Place prices in [square brackets] as explained in a separate help section.

How customers see prices

Users see the full price-quantity descriptions as you entered it, regardless if payments are enabled or not.
The order will be taken by the system as usual and placed into UPAID folder. The customer gets a copy of the order in the email, but you, the printer, will get the order email only when it’s paid.

How customers pay

Customers can place multiple orders and pay them all or only some of them in one go. Any paid orders are automatically moved from UNPAID into TO PRINT folder with an email reminder to you, the printer.

Processing unpaid orders

You can choose to process unpaid orders regardless of the payment and change their status to IN PRINT and so on. The outstanding balance will remain until either you wave the payment or the order is paid.

Processed and shipped orders cannot be deleted by the customer if there is an outstanding balance on the order.

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