Printer / publisher tagging


Tags are simple keywords that help people find what they are looking for.

Watch a Flash demo showing how users use tags to find a printer.

Printer tags

Tags (keywords) need to be short and descriptive, preferably contain no more than 1 word.
The order of the tags is unimportant. Repeating tags will be used once only.

Service area keywords

These tags describe the geographical coverage of your service. E.g. using keywords “New Zealand, Wellington, Kapiti, Paraparaumu” will return the name of the printer if users are looking for a printing business in New Zealand. The user may narrow the list to businesses in Wellington using related keywords.
You can use any area or place names. It is recommended to use common spelling and capitalise words.
Example of tags for a community publication: “Lower Hutt CBD, Wainuimata, Eastern Hills, Manor Park“, etc.

Service keywords

These tags describe the services offered by the business. A small digital printer may use this set of words: “digital printing, laser printing, colour printing, laminating, binding, up to A3, overnight printing“, etc.
A community publication may describe itself in terms of its circulation and area readership demographics: “20000 copies, community publication, free distribution, non-profit, council owned, middle-class readers“, etc.

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