Repetitive text


Repeating the same text over and over is a great way to create various trendy typographic effects for your web-to-print templates. You can use multiple transformations to achieve even better effects. Here are 2 examples.

Web-to-print simple typographyWeb-to-print complex typography

Generic and specific designs

There are two approaches you need to understand. The difference between the two are the texts lengths.

Simple approach

  • On one hand you have a simpler way which allows the users to input as much text as they want without compromising the design but is limited by the way the texts are laid out.

Complex approach

  • On the other hand, you have an option to use any layout style you want but will require you to make separate templates, both for shorter and longer texts.

Some more tricks

View some more ideas and learn how to make your typographic web-to-print templates even more fun here.

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