Repetitive text: fluid width


Learn how to create a cool web-to-print template with repetitive text that allows for some flexibility in the text length. The margin is quite small and may break the layout if few characters too many. Consider making a clones for different lengths, e.g. 5 letter word, 10 letter word, etc.

The difference in this approach is that some texts are constrained on both sides and their length matters to some degree.

Web-to-print bounded on both sides/


This is only the case with the text objects that are surrounded by other text objects on all sides.



The trick is to convert those Artistic text frames to Paragraph text frames…

Web-to-print force justify horizontal alignment…assign Force Justify as the horizontal alignment of the text …

Web-to-print auto font resizing/


and make the font suto resize by overflowing the paragraph text frame. Read more…

Don’t forget to make them variable fields first.



Note. Since the font size on these text frames is set to auto resize, entering a much larger text might ’cause the text to be seperated into more than one line. This might throw the design off balance and you should make a seperate template that can handle longer texts.

Web-to-print complex typography

Try this web-to-print template.

Download the FREE CorelDRAW template file.

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