Role: Printer


A “printer” is a top level account with most privileges and functionality. This account presumes that printing is managed by the account holder.
“Printer” is suitable for printing companies, print brokers and anyone else wishing to manage the printing process themselves.

Available functionality

  • Customise user interface, including custom URL
  • Full control over catalogues, templates, orders, fonts, image files, PDF settings, etc.
  • Add / remove users
  • Add / remove designers
  • Templates acquisition
  • Payment collection from customers

Costs and payments

“Printer” is a paid account as per current pricing. All payments are billed monthly after completion of the trial period. A credit card may be required to sign up to this account.

Who can be a “printer”

Any individual or an organisation wishing to manage their printing processes themselves. This type of account requires some basic understanding of print management and e-commerce.

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