Setting up prices and discounts


Any template can have a price list with quantities and additional features linked to the payment system of your choice.

Payments must be enabled in Modify Printer Details page, but only if the site is under a custom URL. Read more here.

How to set up prices

Edit template details page has a text box for quantities. Enter your quantities and other information there along with the prices one item per line (separated by pressing enter) as on the image below.


Price values to be charged from customers must be enclosed in [square brackets] like this [15.99]. The text between the brackets may contain digits, a period, commas and spaces. Keep the currency symbol out. Consider these examples:

  • $[15.00]
  • [0.50]
  • … for $[10.99] including delivery

The example above resulted in this Template Summary screenshot:


Price values extracted from between the brackets always display as highlight next to the quantity line. Check them carefully to make sure the machine understood your instructions correctly.

Discounts and surcharges

A template can have a list of additional options on top of the quantity choice. For example packaging, coating or destination can be differentiated using Options text box.
Discounts and surcharges can be in absolute values (currency, e.g. $3) or percentage (e.g. 10%).

  • 10% discount: recycled paper [-10%]
  • 5% surcharge: UV coating [5.6%]
  • $3.99 surcharge: overnight delivery $[3.99]
  • $12.95 discount: students’ discount $[-12.95]

Use minus symbol inside the brackets to specify a discount. Use percent symbol inside the brackets to specify percentage.
Characters allowed between brackets: digits, commas, a period, minus symbol, percent symbol, spaces.
Recognised discounts and surcharges display as highlights on Template summary page.

Inserting an empty line in the list allows users to choose a blank option (nothing). Otherwise they have to make a choice from the drop down list.

What customers see

Customers will not see square brackets and minus sign where values were correctly recognised.


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