Photoshop is a raster application for image manipulation. It has no notion of bleed and as a consequence it cannot place cropmarks correctly when producing a PDF. Designers usually use guides as a boundary between the page and bleed areas. Converting this to a vector-base design requires changes to page size, setting bleed and cropmarks. Full text »

This set of API calls provides basic image editing capabilities for web-to-print and dynamic imaging. Only images from user libraries can be edited. The actual hi-res image is not available for downloading or preview. Full text »

By default web-to-print image fields only replace the placeholder image with a user image. ZetaPrints web-to-print may change the appearance of the image automatically (rotating, filters, etc) to match the placeholder. This post explains how to add image manipulation metadata for user-defined editing, such cropping, shift, resizing, etc. Full text »

This section applies only to PowerClips with variable fields for user input. Learn how to place user images in a PowerClip. Full text »