Web button templates are only as good as the number of designs they can be customized to fit. The most important feature, when it comes down to web button templates, is their ability to change colors as the users require. Here’s a neat trick that you can use to make a stylish glossy web button with “chameleon” abilities. Full text »

Apart from using the two-color variable gradient fills technique for creating variable multicolor gradients, you can also combine the two and end up with a multicolor gradient fill where the user chooses a single color that effects the entire multicolor gradient. It makes a complex web-to-print template easier to use. Full text »

Learn how to make a dynamic imaging template that looks like a credit card and the user can change the embossed text on the card. It’s a useful technique for web-to-print as well. Full text »

ZetaPrints web-to-print system can be used for template based dynamic imaging. This interface is simplified for preview-only process. An open-source e-cards plugin is hosted under Google Code and utilizes this API. Full text »

Dynamic imaging templates are intended for on-screen viewing rather than a print process. Therefore, you need to set up the template file to be recognized and rendered for dynamic imaging such as internet banners. Full text »

Creating an eCard template is very similar to creating a web banner, twicture or any other dynamic imaging template. Mind a few basic requirements and the rest is easy. Full text »

Have you ever written something on your fogged up bathroom mirror or window? Here’s a web-to-print or dynamic imaging way of doing it. Full text »

Here’s a cool web-to-print or dynamic imaging technique of light rays going through from behind a variable text frame. This is a simple trick that involves some Photoshop work and some creative use of CorelDRAW layers. Full text »

Magento is an open source e-commerce platform platform. We developed an open source extension for Magento access control to complement our web-to-print extension that allows you to incorporate your web-to-print and dynamic imaging templates in your Magento store. Full text »

You can create multiple color gradient fills by layering transparent variable color shapes in your web-to-print design. It’s a  similar technique to the two color variable gradient technique, but here users can choose individual colors of the multicolor palette. Full text »

These are a few of the many tabbed website designs out there. Check them out to get an idea on how cool you can make your dynamic imaging templates for website tabs. Full text »

Learn how to create a variable web-to-print text that appears like it’s coming from the background simulating a sliding shape with its motion. Full text »

Creating a twicture template is very similar to creating a web banner or any other dynamic imaging template. You just need to keep a few rules in mind. Full text »

Combination of variable color shapes and transparencies in a web-to-print design can create a variable gradient fill. This tutorial shows a simple linear 2-color gradient. Add more color variations to achieve more complex gradients for web-to-print. Full text »

Any vector shape in a web-to-print template can be made a variable color field. A color picker will be showing against the field for users to change the color. To turn a shape’s color into a variable field you simply need to rename the shape inside the Object Manager. Full text »

The main purpose of the internet banner is to make visitors click on it. Weather they click ’cause they like it or think it’s ugly, the goal is achieved. Full text »

Web buttons are one of the most important things in web design. Their style changes constantly to follow current trends. Find out what’s important to keep in mind while creating button templates for dynamic imaging. Full text »

When creating buttons for website menus, keep in mind that in some cases, buttons are not only identified by the text on them but by icons (symbols) as well. Learn how to give users an option of choosing the appropriate icon for each button type in a single web menu button template. Full text »

Tab-based website designs have been around for while. They make the site look better,  easier to navigate, but are not always easy to implement.  Tabs can viewed as a group of web buttons. Here are a few ideas how to create great web tab templates for dynamic imaging without becoming a CSS guru. Full text »