A few ideas how to use extruded fonts in web-to-print and dynamic imaging designs. Full text »

Take an existing font and go crazy with it! Fonts can be edited using CorelDRAW to achieve different text effects. In this case we prepare a font for a cool Vintage wood inlay effect by making two more fonts out of it. Full text »

It is best to ask your print provider what PDF settings they require. There is no one set standard to rule them all. The settings may be different depending the software, hardware and intent. Full text »

If you know the ultimate destination for your web-to-print artwork, you can build the file accordingly — which helps optimize readability, document size,, web-to-print processing time and time during the production cycle.
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Create an illusion as if text was stitched on a piece of cloth in your web-to-print templates. Full text »

Texts do not need to be limited to what the plain look the font gives you. Overlaying text and using powerclips can add an edge to any design. Full text »