The system generates a CorelDRAW file using your printing template every time an order is placed. Learn how to produce print-/press- ready files that are different from the files for previews. Full text »

ZetaPrints communicates with its users via email, but only in certain circumstances. Full text »

It is possible to regenerate orders that look perfectly OK in a preview, but the PDF has issues due to wrong fonts, CMYK/RGB, bleed and other printing intricacies you missed during the design. Full text »

Orders can have comments (notes) attached to them by anyone with access to the order. Full text »

All orders for web to print products are retained in the database for a certain period of time and then removed permanently. Full text »

You have an option of generating a PDF file for printing with a CDR file or getting just a CDR file. The system needs to know your PDF settings to generate the PDF you need. Full text »

You may use the same template for preview or printing or you may create different
templates. Full text »