CorelDRAW doesn’t allow combination of extrude, bevel and power clip in one object. Here’s the way around. Full text »

This is a simple and easy way to make the text frames in your web-to-print templates appear like they are cut out of a piece of flat surface, be it a sheet of paper or anything else. Full text »

Have you ever written something on your fogged up bathroom mirror or window? Here’s a web-to-print or dynamic imaging way of doing it. Full text »

This web-to-print technique takes dynamic imaging to a next level. Learn how to create a design of a person holding a pen, writing on some surface and have the pen positioned according to the length of the text. Full text »

A design inspired by art of Yayoi Kusama, but technically is similar to our color blindness test test design technique.  Here’s a design where the same dotted pattern is used as a PowerClip container of a variable image field and the text frame contains that same image. Full text »

Some web-to-print products look very different from what a web-to-print template looks like on the screen. This web-to-print help post explains how you can create a preview template of a badge or a button so that users can get a realistic view of the final product. Full text »

A bunch of Polaroid photos are lying on a table and form a collage of a single image. The web-to-print template looks as if all the Polaroids are positioned in a way that makes each photo part of a bigger puzzle. Full text »

Sometimes a text needs to blend with the background perfectly to give an illusion of it being written on the surface. This technique comes in handy when trying to make your web-to-print template appear more realistic. Full text »

You can use the Artistic text objects in your web-to-print template as PowerClip containers and overlay them to achieve contrasting effects that make the design look very professional. Full text »

Every once in a while you’ll need to use some shape or text as a PowerClip container for another shape, text or even an image. This tutorial shows different combination of PowerClip transparencies. Full text »