A paragraph text frame can be set to to fit as much text in its boundary as entered by user with automatic font resizing. Full text »

Text books are best created in word processors, but when it comes to illustrated books, inserts and covers we can definitely help. See our web-to-print books guide for book design overview and book size chart for sizes and downloadable templates. Full text »

A brochure or pamphlet is a leaflet advertisement. Compared with a flyer or a handbill, a brochure usually uses higher-quality paper, more color, and is folded. Full text »

An effective business card is a card that looks great, feels great and clearly defines what its owner’s business does so that is easily remembered by the person to whom is given. Full text »

CD/DVDs are stored in standard casings and it is the cover that catches the customers eye first. Appart from the cover, allmost all of the standard CD/DVD cases can also hold a thin booklet. Full text »

CD’s and DVD’s are the most widely used data containers. Appart from audio, video, software, games etc., a CD/DVD can even be used as a business card. Full text »

Some objects need to be removed from the your web-to-print template if some other elements are not present. E.g.  a balloon should only show if there is text inside it. Full text »

Some parts of text may need to appear only if other parts are present. E.g. Ph. shows only if there is a phone number, Fax only if there is a fax number. Full text »

Photoshop is a raster application for image manipulation. It has no notion of bleed and as a consequence it cannot place cropmarks correctly when producing a PDF. Designers usually use guides as a boundary between the page and bleed areas. Converting this to a vector-base design requires changes to page size, setting bleed and cropmarks. Full text »

There are hundreds of thousands of fonts in the world. It is impossible to pre-install them all. Learn how to use fonts with your templates. Full text »

Just an image, no matter how cool or beautiful it is, has very limited application and mainly as part of some other design. This article explains how to convert an image into a useful web to print template. Full text »

Just a few simple steps to get you started. For more advanced topics, please visit web to print help home page. Full text »

A greeting card is an illustrated, folded card featuring an expression of friendship or other sentiment. They can function in a manner somewhat similar to postcards but differ in the fact that unlike postcards, greeting cards are folded and have to be mailed in envelopes that are usualy sold with the card. Full text »

Sometimes you need to display one object only if the other one is present. For example a
caption under an image should appear only if the image is present. Use object
grouping for this. Full text »

You need to have font files available to upload them to Zetaprints. Full text »

Web to print Image alignment is set via anchoring point which tells the web to print system how to align user-uploaded images within the boundaries of the placeholder. Full text »

Users can upload their own images into web-to-print templates. Images can be standalone or in a PowerClip (clipping path). A number of transformations and alignment rules can be applied as well. Full text »

Your can give the users the option to upload their own images in your templates. Full text »

Use the image placeholder in your template to set the required quality that the user uploaded images should have. User uploaded images will be downsampled to the parameters of the image placeholder. Full text »

Image quality is important for any web to print design. What looks good on the screen may look absolutely unacceptable in print. Full text »

Some web-to-print designs require multiple fields reside in a single text frame. It can be done using {curly brackets} and # as the object name in Object Manager to tell the web-to-print engine this text frame has variable fields in it.

Full text »

Sometimes web-to-print designs require flexibility and multiple fields within the same text frame.  This can be done using {curly brackets} and field names as the shape name.

Full text »

You may need to group a few lines of text for vertical/horizontal alignment and shift.
E.g. if no phone number is provided by the user, the ph prefix won’t
show and the lines below it will shift up. Full text »

You can have multiple paragraphs in a paragraph text frame. The paragraphs can be
formatted as bullet points, drop cap, columns, etc. Full text »

Here is an additional way of making text fields for user input through the Object Manager, If this does not work in your template try using the  Object Data Manager. Full text »

Outdoor signs may be used in real estate, marketing, yard sales, election campaigns etc. They can be printed on vinyl, flute-board or any other surface. Full text »

It is relatively easy to convert a PDF file into a CorelDRAW template. A number of caveats need to be observed and taken care of. Full text »

Sometimes converting a PDF file to a web-to-print template requires you to know some additional rules. This is a more detailed look into the process. Full text »

It is relatively easy to convert a PDF file into a CorelDRAW web-to-print template. You just need to follow a few simple steps. Full text »

A postcard is intended for writing and mailing without an envelope and at a lower rate than a letter. Among the postcards there are postal cards which unlike regular postcards that require a stamp, have the postage pre-printed on them. While a postcard is usually printed by a private company, individual or organization, a postal card is issued by the relevant postal authority. Full text »

Poster designs are special in terms of their composition and production. Their main purpose is to draw attention. Full text »

There are two ways to give users the option to upload their own images into your web-to-print template: an Image placeholder and a Power clip. Full text »

This section applies only to PowerClips with variable fields for user input. Learn how to place user images in a PowerClip. Full text »

The quality of the web to print previews depends on a few factors. These guidelines can help better understand why in some cases the preview of your design doesn’t look the same in your online catalog as it does in CorelDRAW. Full text »

A “designer” is a special account type for people with design skills. Designers can create their own catalogues, upload templates and manage templates for printers. Full text »

You can turn an Artistic text or a Paragraph text frame into a variable field so the users can input their own text in your web-to-print template. Full text »

Templates may have image placeholders for users to upload their own images. It is also possible to provide a collection of images for users to choose from instead of uploading their own. Full text »

Custom t-shirts have become popular because they create a great impression and make a statement of their own. Printing of custom t-shirts can be done in many different ways including screen-printing, embroidery, heat-applied graphics and digital textile printing. Read more about it here. Full text »

Learn how to replace content of text frames with content from user input. Full text »

Any text frame can be a variable input field for user input. Full text »

Text fields can be “text on path” with user input being placed on the same path. Full text »

There are quite a few reasons why a template may fail the initial processing, preview or output generation. Full text »

Sometimes the previews look cropped or distorted if they have white space between page border and design elements. Full text »

User uploaded images can be cropped, downsized or even upsized to fill a specific area in your web-to-print template which can be any shape or Artistic text. Full text »

Learn how to prepare a template that can accept user images. Full text »

Artistic text can be used as a PowerClip container in web-to-print templates with both, the text and the image inside it as variable fields. Full text »

The main purpose of the internet banner is to make visitors click on it. Weather they click ’cause they like it or think it’s ugly, the goal is achieved. Full text »

Web buttons are one of the most important things in web design. Their style changes constantly to follow current trends. Find out what’s important to keep in mind while creating button templates for dynamic imaging. Full text »